• Data type:image( with alpha), vector, text, 3d model (obj)
  • Plugin required: Element3d (for 3d model)
  • If you are not using a 3D model, no plugin is required
  • All icon included
  • 9 Background images(vector/3D/text)
  • 9 Temporary images(vector/3D/text), displayed before the letter
  • 9 Titles, I used 1 letter but you can use the text
  • All type from Adobe Typekit


Cleanmindsounds – Abstract


reserach-Research-black-2019-04-21-16-59-43 reserach-scene-1-2019-04-21-16-57-18 reserach-scene-2-2019-04-21-16-57-47 reserach-scene-w1-2019-04-21-16-33-59 reserach-scene-w1-2019-04-21-16-34-54 reserach-scene-w5-2019-04-21-16-49-22